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Shangrao, China

Naipu Head Office: Jiangxi Naipu Mining Machinery And New Materials Co., Ltd

Office of the Board of Directors:

0793 - 8457210

Sales Tel: 0793-8469669

Sales Fax: 0793-8461032

HR Tel: 0793-8876311

Website: en.naipu.com.cn


Email: naipu@naipu.com.cn

Add: No. 52 Xingyuan Rd, Shangrao Economic Development Zone, Jiangxi Province, PR China

Hotline: 400-0793-789



Beijing, China

Beijing Naipu International Trade Co., Ltd

Sales Tel: 010-64466538 (Overseas-Russian)

Sales Fax: 010-64514138

Add: Room 802, 8th floor, No.2 Jiamei center office building, Guangshun south street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, PR China



Shanghai, China

Shanghai Naipu International Trade Co., Ltd

Sales Tel: 021-62544688 (Domestic) /021-67268186 (Overseas-English)

Sales Fax: 021-62544619

Add: Room D1,14F, Jiangsu Building, Laoshan Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai City




Mongolia Naipu Mining Machinery Co., Ltd

Sales Tel: 976-70136888

Email: office@naipumongol.mn

Add: Suite 1203, Fides tower, Zaisan street, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


National Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.

Sales Tel: 976-75003377

Email: office@nationalmm.mn

Add: 3rd khoroo, nalaih district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia




Australia Naipu Mining Machinery Co., Ltd

Email: futing@naipu.com.cn

Add: 64C Teague Street, Victoria Park, WA 6100




Chile Naipu Mining Machinery Co., Ltd

Email: chile@naipumining.com

Add: los militares 5620,of.601,las condes,santiago de chile




Peru Naipu Mining Machinery Co., Ltd

Email: yanyu@naipu.com.cn

Add: Av. Juan Antonio Pezet 105, Dpto 801, San isidro, Lima




Mexico Naipu Mining Machinery Co., Ltd

Email: mexico@naipumining.com

Add: Rio tiber 97, Cuahutemoc,Ciudad de Mexico


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Dear Friends:

    On behalf of Naipu Group, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to friends from all walks of life for your kind consideration and help extended to our Company.

     One drop of water does not make sea; one tree does not make a forest; and one person alone will not make exceptional achievement. I deeply realize that the accomplishment achieved by Naipu today is not owing to an individual's achievement. We owe all these to friends from all walks of life with their consideration and support, to customers who have supported and trusted us for years and, to the diligent Naipu people with their contributions.

     We Naipu will bear in mind the support and help all related governmental departments have offered to us in years; we will bear in mind our peers and trading partners who have shared our hardship as well as our success; and we will write on our hear every Naipu person who has practiced the enterprise style of "Honesty and Faith, Responsibility, Regulation, Efficiency'. Naipu's service concept is "Serve the Customer, Assist the Customer", with which we shall cooperate with parties in all aspects and peers both domestically and internationally, and jointly make accomplishment.


     In the future, we shall gratefully serve our customers with high quality products and thoughtful service, and provide our employees with broader space of development. We persist in the business principle of "High Quality, High Technology, High Standard, High Efficiency", and develop jointly with our customers as well as our staff members. We will do our best to make the Company a multinational group and to create a prosperous and civilized future.


TEL: 86-793-8461326 Market sales call:86-793-8457309 8469669
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