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A Warm Day in March, A Get-together in Hekou

Number of visits: Date:2017年3月9日 14:50

    As the “International Working Women’s Day (March 8)”was around the corner, Naipu’s Labor Union carried out an activity of touring the ancient town of Hekou in Yanshan County with the theme of “Happy Women Get Together in Naipu Co.” on March 5  in order to make woman workers in the Company enjoy a happy holiday, to strengthen exchanges among them as well as to increase their sense of happiness as female staff.
    The morning of March 5, luckily, was a clear and sunny one after rains. At 9:00, people arrived at the destination of the trip by company bus - ancient Hekou Town. This historical town is quiet and unsophisticated, far away from bustle, with few automobile seen. It is located at border between urban and rural areas, possessing both the prosperity of a city and the simplicity of a countryside. Everyone was appreciating an exotic like culture.
    A well preserved section of the old street just lies at the century old Jinlihe Pharmacy. Wandering around on the ancient street, you would feel as if you were back to the Ming and Qing dynasties, and will have a taste of the past prosperity, since this was the place which in history was known for “You cannot buy enough in Hankou, you cannot load enough in Hekou. Aside of the ancient town is Xinjian River, and a century old floating bridge lies on the river, once served the mass on both banks as an important transportation junction.

    The ancient town rinsed our body and mind and had us relaxed. It was immediately followed by another trip of food. Snacks of Yanshan are distributed on every street and lanes. A clear soup restaurant has been passed down from mother-in-law to daughter-in-law for five generation, a buckwheat kway teow restaurant sits on the corner of a lane, baked rolls of the Hu’s, though located deep in a lane, is frequently visited by customers, hot dipped rice noodle of Yanshan has its fragrance prevailed for miles and ...... we walked along the food stalls, eating and commenting, enjoyed ourselves with all these delicious foods, and were surrounded by a happy atmosphere.
    A beautiful day in March and a happy Women’s Day cannot be fully enjoyed without spring scenery and delicious foods. This activity freed us women workers from rush work, offered us a chance to communicate with one another, boosted our morale, and strengthened our team work with cohesion and collaboration.




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