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Nurses and NAIPU Youths Seeking Happy Fate

Number of visits: Date:2017年6月30日 15:36

Organized by the Labor Union of NAIPU Company, a hand-in-hand fellowship activity themed “Nurses and Naipu Youths Seeking Happy Fate” was jointly held at Shangrao Yule Villa by Naipu Company and the Municipal Maternal and Child Care Service Center as scheduled on June 25, creating a romantic platform for male and female singulars from both parties to seek happy fate in a matchmaking.


Activities were colorful and brilliant, and the site was extraordinarily lively, with performances of “Full of Wit “ to show one’s talent, “Matching Up Between the Male and the Female, One Performs and the Other Guesses “ to figure out one’s body language, “Tread a Balloon with Three Feet of Two Persons “ for tacit understanding, “Balloon of Loving Heart” to confess a real affection, and so on. Attendees enthusiastically sought common topics in a variety of interacting and interesting games, deepening mutual understanding and increasing friendship, running over with adolescent vitality. An lively atmosphere was seen on the spot.

With the games ended, this romantic platform was moved to the barbecue area, where the youngsters made coordination and distribution of responsibilities. Some washed the vegetables, some put foods onto the sticks, some roasted the foods, some made dumplings and others ate foods here and there. All the participants experienced a process of being nervous to relax, being overcautious to harmony, being strangers to acquaintances. They laid down tense work and enjoyed self presentation and easy time.

With the constant expansion of the size of NAIPU, single young employees are many. It is an important subject in the stabilization of a work force by considering the single young employees’ sentimentality. The company’s Labor Union will organize more fellowship activities in various forms in the future, helping the singulars to enlarge their social circle and their circle of friends, create more external exchange channels, enrich their emotional life, so as to improve their work enthusiasm, and realize harvest in both work and emotion.



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