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Development and Application of 83807 Hydrocyclone Cluster

Number of visits: Date:2012年7月13日 11:43


83807 Hydrocyclone Cluster

    With the changes occurring in the ore dressing industry globally, the mineral processing equipment is getting bigger and bigger. In order to meet the demands of the market, in combination of our present production conditions, Naipu has successfully developed the largest hydrocyclones in China - FX838 Hydrocyclone Clusters, which will be delivered to Erdenet Cu&Mo Mine shortly. This model is the largest hydrocyclone is China, filling up a gap in the product line in the local market.


      FX838 Hydrocyclone Clusters produced by Naipu have the features of high throughput, high classifying efficiency, long service life with inner liners, broad applicability in classifying or thickening a variety of material, ease of installation, use and maintenance. This product will be broadly applied in metal mines, coal, chemical industry and metallurgy for thickening and classifying of slurry to replace conventional spiral classifiers and thickeners.

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